A caring, compassionate & committed event planner
Having the exuberance to cater to the needs of others and having compassion and eagerness to assist in times when help is needed the most is more than a dream come true. At a young age, my parents left me to care for my 3 siblings while they went to work. Being the 1st born, this was inevitable and I took on the responsibilities with great pride and joy.

With me being in charge from such an early age it became quite natural for me to flow in the direction in which I would be catering to others especially in times when they need it the most. Hence my decision to study to be a Funeral Director. This experience provided me with the “hands on” care and eagerness to help someone who has lost a loved one. It is a departure from life, however what event could depict a celebration of one’s life? What memories could be highlighted in a pleasurable manner? To answer these questions, I went and got certified as an Event Planner hence CNI was formed for this reason.

We help individuals to shape and formulate what could be considered the end of a story for a life well lived. This can be done by allowing us to relieve you of yet another heavy task as we Create-An- Impression in the final pages of a story well told. You will have the option of selecting from a basic, supreme package or an elaborate themed, as well as a sophisticated grand affair.

CNI takes great pleasure in recreating that event that depicts a celebration with unforgettable and precious memories.



A grand finale. for everyone.
Everyone has a story. Regardless of how a person lived their life, they deserve a colorful ending. Let us redirect our thoughts to a beautiful creation – the blessings of a gift and something learned from that marvelous piece of art that will be hung on the walls of our hearts as a memorable piece of artwork. We always give thanks for every celebration of life.