A caring, compassionate & committed event planner

I am a true care giver at heart. I’ve been privileged to care for infants for over a decade. After taking a break, I found myself caring for the elderly. I could not escape the motion of caring. 

As I cared for the elderly, they reminded me so much of the babies as they innately needed a supportive hand and a shoulder to lean on. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my journey as I was always present to help in whatever capacity.

While I continued my exciting path, I realized that the capacity of being a caregiver extends far and wide, so I decided to concentrate on an area where I am absolutely certain that I was needed the most. Hence I decided to shift my career to the Funeral Industry.

I want to be there for you – to hold your hand and guide you through a tough period that may not seem very clear to you.



A grand finale. for everyone.
Everyone has a story. Regardless of how a person lived their life, they deserve a colorful ending. Let us redirect our thoughts to a beautiful creation – the blessings of a gift and something learned from that marvelous piece of art that will be hung on the walls of our hearts as a memorable piece of artwork. We always give thanks for every celebration of life.